About me

I live in Canberra Australia with my partner Jennifer and far too many pets. Our four adult children, Kaite, Allie, Claire and Tristan all live nearby. We have Claire to thank for our adorable grandson Riley.

I work part time in IT at a federal government department, with some lovely people who make my working day fun and interesting.

I don’t have time for other hobbies, because…well…barbershop is my life!

Musical Director – Master Director

I helped start Brindabella Chorus in January 1991, and became the permanent Musical Director in September 1992. Since that time, the chorus has grown from a fledgling group of singers who hoped to make it to the end of a song to become one of Australia’s leading women’s barbershop choruses.

At the Sweet Adeline convention in Wollongong in 2016, Brindabella Chorus scored 605 points, earning me the coveted title of Master Director. Our international ranking qualified us to attend the Harmony Classic contest at International Convention in Las Vegas Nevada in October 2017, where the top five small and mid-sized choruses in the world competed for top honours. We were thrilled and excited to be announced as the 2018 International Champion Mid-size Chorus!

Coaching – Regional Education Faculty

I was invited to join Australia’s Regional Education Faculty (REF) in 1999, and over the subsequent years have provided coaching, support and laughter to nearly every Sweet Adeline chorus in Australia. I love coaching choruses, quartets and individuals.

I also present classes on a range of topics, including barbershop geekiness like Pythagorean Tuning, and fun activities like Group Singlish.

Learn more on my Coaching and Education page.


I’ve always been enthusiastic about arranging – creating the music that I want to sing, and music for other people as well. In recent years, my arrangements have improved in quality, and so other people’s enthusiasm for singing them has grown to match. I’ve arranged music for champion quartet Frenzy!, for choruses competing in the Harmony Classic, for my region and of course for my own chorus and quartet. I really like making contemporary music work for barbershop.

In 2015 I was fortunate to win a scholarship as a Candidate Arranger for the International Music Arrangers Program. Candidates are allocated a Mentor to help them develop their skills, and I have been working with the amazing Joey Minshall to improve my craft. I’m continuing to work hard on my skills!

Learn more on my Arranging page.


Over the last 25 years, I’ve sung with a number of different quartets. These have been opportunities for personal and musical development, and I’ve made lifelong friends.

I currently sing in two quartets: Debacle and UMQ.

Debacle is an all female quartet, and I sing bass, with George, Caitlin and Tanya. We placed second in Australia at the Sweet Adeline convention in Perth in May 2017, and then came first in Hobart in 2018. We were very excited to be representing Australia in St Louis in October 2018, where we improved our score by 105 points and placed 21st!

UMQ is a mixed quartet, and I sing lead with Jennifer, Dan and Adam. We placed first at the Eastern Region mixed quartet competition in Sydney in May 2018, second in the National contest in Adelaide in September 2018.