Today I did some research into public domain music and discovered something I found exciting and disappointing AND complicated, which is: there is a whole lot of great music that is in public domain…pretty much everywhere except the USA. The USA has the most stringent laws of the barbershop countries – in general terms, only… Read More

My website is now up and running, which is pretty exciting! I’ve already made one change, as the table I was using for my arrangements was NOT phone friendly. I’ve switched it to a less formal but more available list. Now I need to sink some time into the backlog of songs that need updating,… Read More

After a large amount of procrastination, it seems that I might have finally got around to setting up a website for my arrangements. “Why has it taken so long?” you might ask. After all, I have the know-how, I work in IT, I love doing web stuff. Maybe I wasn’t sure that I was a… Read More