Up and running!

My website is now up and running, which is pretty exciting! I’ve already made one change, as the table I was using for my arrangements was NOT phone friendly. I’ve switched it to a less formal but more available list.

Now I need to sink some time into the backlog of songs that need updating, so I can get them online and hopefully out for people to sing.

Sunday morning I had a great session with Joey Minshall, my  IMAP mentor. Good news is that she can really see a jump in quality in the arrangements I’m sending her for review (yay). My chord choices are generally good, and we’re now working on voice leading…making sure that each part is doable and fluid for the singers (even the baritones!). 

I’m learning lots of good things about chord substitution…a very similar chord that can be used instead of the obvious one to make it work better. Right now I’m trying to wrap my head around tri-tone substitution… reading my music-geek jazz arranging book for help!

We did some great work on Moonlight Savings Time, which should be out in the next couple of weeks, and After You Get What You Want is not far behind…two new contestable uptunes, one public domain! I’m pretty keen to give Sweet Adelines some new contest material so that we don’t keep singing the same songs…time after time 😜