Two songs published on Sheet Music Plus!

Sheet Music Plus is an international publisher of digital sheet music owned by Hal Leonard. They have set up two great new programs which allow small arranger publishers like me to get our work out to the masses.

The ArrangeMe series allows arrangers to create new arrangements from a specific list of popular music. This is aimed at small ensemble only, and is priced accordingly, with a minimum price of $12.95US per copy, with 20% coming to me. Quartets and other small ensembles can take advantage of this. Larger ensembles will almost certainly get a better deal if we approach Hal Leonard.

SMPPress allows composers and arrangers to publish original works or arrangements of public domain music through their site. I set the price, and receive 40% of the sale price. Larger ensembles may still do better to purchase from me directly.

In most cases I would be better compensated by selling direct from here, but SMPPress gives my work exposure to a wider audience. I’m also much more motivated by creating music and hearing it sung than by profit…like most music roles, it’s rare to be able to make a living through your art!

But…my first two are UP!!! Sweet Caroline as sung by Frenzy! is in the ArrangeMe catalogue at$12.99US per copy, and Scarborough Fair is in SMPPress at $2.99US per copy.

I’m hoping to add more titles to the ArrangeMe last in the coming months, there are some really fun titles available to work with!